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Adverb of Emphasis - Definition and Examples

Modifier of Emphasis s In English language structure, verb modifier of accentuation isâ a customary term for an intensifierâ used to give included power or a more noteworthy level of conviction to another word in a sentence or to the sentence all in all. Additionally called an emphasizer and anâ emphasizing intensifier. Basic verb modifiers of accentuation incorporate absolutely,â certainly, unmistakably, unquestionably, normally, clearly, decidedly, truly, just, and without a doubt. In The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammarâ (2014), Bas Aarts et al. call attention to that [o]nly some syntactic models partition modifiers with this degree of semantic detail.â â Models and Observations I was totally down and out and the lease was expected. Plainly I expected to discover a job.Hes tapping my telephone, he said to Celia irately. I unquestionably heard it. Definitely.(Lawrence Sanders, The First Deadly Sin. G. P. Putnams Sons, 1973) I hadnt the smallest delay in saying: For sure! Tell the manabsolutely! Totally! Of course!(Joey Tallon in Call Me the Breeze, a novel by Patrick McCabe, 2003) In Stamps the segregationâ was so complete that most Black youngsters didnt truly, totally recognize what whites looked like.(Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Irregular House, 1969Deterrence, clearly, is one of the points of discipline, yet it is most likely not alone. Actually, there are at any rate about six, and some are most likely very as important.(H.L. Mencken, The Penalty of Death At the entryway of the kitchen she stated, You never finish your lunch. You go around foolishly. What will happen to you?Then she died.Naturally for an amazing remainder I yearne d toâ see her, not just in entryways, in an incredible number of spots in the lounge area with my aunties, at the window turning upward and down the square, in the nation garden among zinnias and marigolds, in the family room with my father.(Grace Paley, Mother. Later the Same Day. Farrar, Straus Giroux, 1985) Hypothetically, obviously, one should consistently to go after the best word. Be that as it may, essentially, the propensity for over the top consideration in word-determination oftentimes brings about loss of spontaneity.(Francis Thompson, qtd. by Arthur Quiller-Couch in Murder Your Darlings)Everything starting at Blake Avenueâ would consistently wear for me some wonderful oddness and gentleness, essentially on the grounds that it was not of my square, the block,â where the clangâ of your head sounded against the asphalt when you fell in a clench hand battle, and the columns of store-lights on each side were cruel, viewing you.(Alfred Kazin, A Walker in the City. Harcourt Brace, 1951 There is without a doubt a sensation in going into outside parts that will be had no place else; however it is more satisfying at the time than lasting.(William Hazlitt, On Going a Journey False notions You can spot ​discourses that make one wonder by searching for such words as clearly, obviously, and truly. Any guard legal counselor would quickly jump up and state, Objection! on the off chance that the arraignment were to state to the jury, Obviously, she is blameworthy. (Edward P. J. Corbett and Rosa A. Eberly, The Elements of Reasoning. Allyn and Bacon, 2000)

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Alzheimers Disease Essay -- Alzheimers Disease Essays

Alzheimer’s Disease      Imagine getting up one morning and you can't recall where you are or your own child’s name. This could be an immediate sign that you or a relative has Alzheimer’s sickness. Alzheimer’s ailment is a type of dementia, which implies that it influences certain elements of the cerebrum, for example, memory, rationale, and ordinary substantial capacities. This ailment was first depicted by a specialist named Alois Alzheimer in 1906. He found bizarre developments of filaments in the cerebrums of lady that had kicked the bucket from a strange psychological maladjustment (National Institute, 1995).      Many individuals don't understand how extreme this infection truly is. These individuals likewise don't understand the amount of a hazard there is of building up the sickness. 4,000,000 individuals in the United States today are distressed with Alzheimer’s ailment. It is evaluated that 22 million individuals around the globe as of now have this ailment (St.George-Hyslop, 2000). Another exceptionally intriguing reality about Alzheimer’s is that the adjustments in the cerebrum occur 20 to 40 years before the patient shows any manifestations. Around 10% of Americans have this illness by the age of 65, and around 50 percent of Americans have the sickness by the age of 85. Individuals can live very much into their 90s, they despite everything hold the greater part of their recollections and control of their bodies (Kahn, 1998). This ailment is a sickness that everybody in the United States ought to be worried about.      Scientists accept that they comprehend what makes this sickness happen. It is brought about by proteins in the mind that turn out badly. These proteins structure groups inside the cerebrum, and they produce a poison that influences nerve cells. These nerve cells are then lost, and this influences certain pieces of the cerebrum that control certain capacities. This legitimately influences two pieces of the cerebrum, the hippocampus and the cerebral cortex. These two pieces of the cerebrum control memory, thinking, language, and other real capacities (St. George-Hyslop, 2000). Alzheimer’s malady majorly affects the patient’s life, yet on the lives of the patient’s family too. This infection takes an extremely moderate way in its turn of events. It might begin as simply some transient memory misfortune. This implies an individual with Alzheimer’s may overlook seemingly insignificant details, similar to what the person had for supper the previous evening or why they went to the cooler. These side effects can be ignored as j... ...In Kahn’s story (1998) a little girl of a patient was satisfied with Aricept, â€Å"’ the inversion of her condition was momentous. For longer than a year, I sort of got my mother back (p,18).’† This sickness is clearly an awful one. It can tear a family separated, and there is nothing that should be possible about it. Ideally, one day a fix will be found, yet meanwhile, Alzheimer’s sickness has all out power over an individual who is beset with it. It likewise has authority over the group of the individual beset with it. Nearly everybody in this nation has a type of bind to this malady, and this is the reason more exploration ought to be done in order to find a fix. References Kahn, C. (2007, November, 8). New medications and trust in Alzheimer’s patients. March Magazine, 16-19. National Institute on Aging. (1995). Alzheimer’s Disease Fact Sheet. Recovered October 22, 2008, from the World Wide Web: Shenk, D. (2001, November-December). The War on Alzheimer’s. My Generation, 15-20. St. George-Hyslop, P.H. (2005). Sorting Out Alzheimer’s. Recovered October 22, 2008, from the World Wide Web:

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Why do women live longer than men Does the answer lie in biology, Essay

For what reason do ladies live longer than men Does the appropriate response lie in science, nourishment, brain research or human science - Essay Example This has been credited to different social and organic reasons. Research shows a lessening in death rates among ladies in twentieth century. The future hole between different races and individuals has limited fundamentally, with the sexual orientation hole getting more extensive. This influences sex proportion, and social and segment factors like marriage and valuation of benefits plans (Reijo and Chen 2013, p. 118). Men are accepted to bite the dust more youthful because of upsetting lives than ladies. In the event that this was valid, the hole could be diminishing essentially as more ladies expect employments that were recently accepted to be for men. Additionally, ladies get worried as they work outside home on the worries at home. Be that as it may, in spite of ladies living longer than men, they are less solid than men at mature age. Naturally, ladies are viewed as more fit than guys because of the hormonal and hereditary contrasts (Eskes and Clemens 2007, p. 126). Hypothetically, maturing results from the progressive amassing of the little blames and harms to cell segments like DNA and protein. Ladies are accepted to have the natural bit of leeway as because of their contribution in propagation. Ladies are associated with proliferation for longer than guys. Additionally, it is contended that iron may cause early passings. The best way to lead out the iron is through blood, which is typically a bit of leeway in females because of menstrual cycles. High collections of iron raise the poisonous level as iron is an oxidizing component that has capability of expanding the heart sicknesses and dangers of malignant growth (Ginter and Simko 2013, p. 45). Ladies have 2 X-chromosomes and men have X and Y chromosomes. The second X chromosome in ladies goes about as a reinforcement after the other quality gets harmed. Late theories demonstrate that Y quality is typically harmful and goes about as a hotspot for other quality items quickening maturing. In particular, ladies have microRNA and X chromosome in their ribonucleic corrosive. Most microRNA is found in X chromosome,

Sonny and Gregor an Example of the Topic Literature Essays by

Sonny and Gregor by Expert Sweet Alicia PhD | 14 Nov 2016 In Sonny's Blues, Sonny considers himself to be the normal person who is interested about the world that envelopes his being, particularly the things an individual might not have encountered at this point yet has the unpretentious trace of energy to give things a shot just for the name of being familiar with the new. There is little uncertainty to accept that Sonny sees himself along these lines for the explanation that sooner or later he asked his companion what heroin resembled and was informed that it felt very great. Another fascinating thing to investigate is the way that Sonny needed to be a jazz artist simply like his dad's sibling. The way that Sonny kept it as a significant mystery reveals to us that he sees himself simply like his dad's sibling albeit clearly, he couldn't oversee and assemble enough certainty to stand up immovably on his own wants and satisfy them simply like how an ordinary individual would. Then again, Gregor considers himself to be the individual skilled r at any rate ready to proceed with life in the midst of battles just to serve those whom he fears most in his life. Notwithstanding physical restrictions that limit his capacity to satisfy his objectives, his readiness stays at the center of his cognizance. Not in any event, changing him into a bug will deplete away his longing to work. With this respect, Gregor further considers himself to be a tough individual not dissuaded by the shortcoming that life may draw upon him. Need exposition test on Sonny and Gregor theme? We will compose a custom exposition test explicitly for you Continue These characters maybe keep up the furthest edges as far as the adjustments in their lives. On one hand, Gregor is clearly observed as a 'changed' individual in the wake of being bafflingly changed into an apparently huge vermin. Then again, Sonny is viewed as a 'static' individual from the center part to the last pieces of the story, incapable to change his ways particularly as far as his tenacious or unfaltering reliance on denied tranquilizes so as to go on with his music. Notwithstanding, the 'adjustment' in Sonny can be seen from when he drew in into the utilizing and selling of disallowed drugs. From that point on, Sonny couldn't transcend his bind. Rather, this 'difficulty' for others transformed into a contributing component in the melodic tendency of Sonny. Due to these things, there are different characters in the story who make statements about Gregor and Sonny. For example, Sonny's sibling has a great deal of comments about Sonny to the group of Sonny's sibling, for example, informing him concerning his propensity for dependence on disallow medications and how he utilizes it to support his melodic exhibitions. A companion of Sonny further uncovers to Sonny's sibling the subtleties of how Sonny gets to know the 'sedate' through his sibling. Then again, Gregor's family basically talks about him in a way in which he would have the option to endure his difficulty. By keeping him in a room disengaged from the remainder of the individuals who may have the enthusiasm to enter their lives and exacerbate the circumstance, Gregor's family picked to save him in the space for his assurance and for his family too. They state that Gregor is the just one working in the family which in the end caused them to acknowledge to secure positions all alone so as to support their day by day resource. These things inevitably direct us toward the possibility that both Gregor and Sonny have interfaced very well with these 'other' characters in the story. For one, Gregor's communication with different characters in the story is showed through the manner by which his family assumed the liability of looking out for him in his condition. While being a huge vermin, the circumstance of Gregor can be handily considered in one's brain: a spirit ready to push through with life however can't do as such, ruined in no little route by his 'new' body in which he developed hostage until his last days. Through the assistance and music of his sister, Gregor can associate with 'different' characters in the story. Concerning Sonny, the connection with the remainder of the characters in the story spins around the portrayal of his sibling concerning the encounters he had with his sibling from youth until they developed into grown-ups. The impact of the expressions of Sonny's companion had an enduring impact on him, particularly with respect to the situation when Sonny discovered that medications caused him to feel great. Another purpose of cooperation am ong Sonny and the characters in the story is the point at which the companion of Sonny 'went with' him, in a manner of speaking, during the early stages of his life and later on. From that point on Sonny figured out how to utilize the drugto his melodic bit of leeway. Further, Sonny is likewise observed connecting with the group of his sibling, particularly at supper along with his sibling's better half, talking about things which appeared to modify his life. As he was approached to remain with Isabel while he was away, the cooperation should develop. Clearly, Isabel's piano kept Sonny occupied as he investigated the profundities of his melodic tendencies above and beyond. One closeness among Gregor and Sonny is the way that both experienced a battle in their lives which essentially moved the manner by which their reality rotated around them. For example, Gregor's change into a vermin incredibly influenced the manner by which he carried on with his life and the manner by which his family acted which in the end ended up being for the acceptable. Then again, Sonny's circumstance mirrors the battle of a person to get away from the grasp or reaches of his medication propensities by leaving Harlem. In the end, Sonny neglected to do so on account of his sibling's firm choice not to let him leave their place. At long last, Sonny was the attract considerably nearer to is propensities, filling his music with extreme enthusiasm with the large assistance of the medications that he is utilizing. One significant distinction among Gregor and Sonny is the way that their battles are explicitly portrayed by their extension. While Gregor's battle appears to be strange a nd a greater amount of the physical and enthusiastic viewpoints, Sonny's condition is identified with mental and passionate angles. Fundamentally, the creators/storytellers of the two stories depict the characters of Sonny and Gregor as people battling to remain all alone in the midst of the difficulties and blocks that hinder them much like the regular dealings of mankind from over the globe. References Baldwin, James. Sonny's Blues. November 13, 2007.

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4 Step Process free essay sample

Stage 1 aâ‚ ¬ Identify the zone of law This four stage process alludes to liabilities of a specialist. The case includes a specialist called Tim Jones who speaks to an unknown vender of chocolate items. Tim organizes an agreement with ABC Foods Pty Ltd for the gracefully of chocolates to the different shops of ABC. Tim neglects to inform his rule of the agreement subsequently the flexibly of chocolates is never delivered. ABC is attempting to sue Tim for non-execution under the provisions of the agreement. This procedure will instruct Tim regarding his position and the choices he may have. Stage 2 aâ‚ ¬ Explain the law John D Maltas (2008, 18) portrays organization from a lawful perspective as a relationship which exists between two gatherings whereby one (the specialist) is approved by the other (the guideline) to do, on his/her sake. The operator gets an expansion or award of the legally binding forces of the head. The guideline would then decide the constraints of the agentaâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s authority. Numerous business matters are directed through the instrumentality of a specialist. An operator is typically utilized to realize a legally binding connection between the head and an outsider. A Principle will be limited by what the operator does for the principalaâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s sake given that the specialist has acted inside the extent of his/her position. An organization relationship can be made in one of four different ways. Express understanding, suggested understanding, activity of law and approval. Express understanding is an agreement, oral or composed which contains the goals of the included gatherings in words. Inferred understanding can be successful in two circumstances; if real authority infers it or in the event that it is suggested through estoppel. For the situation Australia and New Zealand Bank Ltd v Ateliers de Constructions Electrocutes de Charleroi [1967] 1 AC 86 held that an operator appropriately delegated to represent the head in certain professional interactions, had genuine inferred position to open a ledger to offer impact to the organizations plans. Estoppel is to cure unfairness that would stream in the event that one individual who spoke to something to another had the option to pull back from that portrayal with invulnerability. Activity of law happens when in circumstances of crisis, assumed position to go about as an operator. Approval is the point at which a rule concurs with an unapproved demonstration done for his/her sake by an operator. The nature and extent of specialists authority is broken into two sections; genuine power and clear position. Genuine authority can either be communicated verbally or potentially recorded as a hard copy or it tends to be suggested. A case of communicated real authority would be the point at which a standard ives an operator a particular guidance to go into an agreement to buy a specific land parcel at a given cost, or to sell a particular thing under the standards name. Inferred genuine authority as a rule allows a specialist to do all things required for, and customarily coincidental to, doing his/her express position. The evident or apparent authority is the authority of the specialist as it shows up from an outsider. In the event that an operator is acting outside o f their real position the specialist will be held at risk to the head. At the point when a specialist unveils the name of the head, the agreement is considered to be that of the head, and the operator isn't at risk on the agreement with the exception of where: the specialist contracts outside the extent of his/her genuine or evident expert wherein case he/she will be subject for harms for a penetrate of guarantee of power or if the specialist concurs he/she is at risk. The operator is likewise at risk on the off chance that he/she shrinks by deed in their own name or if the chief is nonexistent. At the point when the operator signs a bill of trade or composed agreement in his/her name without distinguishing him/her as a specialist, at that point he/she will be by and by at risk on the bill of trade or agreement. As expressed in John D Maltas (2008, 45) the general principle is that where a specialist uncovers the way that a chief exists however the name of the chief has not been unveiled, the agentaâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s obligation is equivalent to where the name has been revealed. In the event that the outsider agreements knowing there is a chief however doesn't find out the principalaâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s name, the outsider can't sue the specialist. As it were the agentaâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s risk is the equivalent given he/she contracts as a specialist whether the principals name is uncovered or not. Where an operator contracts in his/her name without revealing the presence of an office contract, the specialist turns out to be by and by at risk on the agreement. An operator is under an obligation not to surpass the extent of his/her power. Insofar as this isn't done an operator won't be by and by at risk to people with whom he/she bargains. Where the specialist either explicitly or impliedly speaks to that he/she has position to go into a specific exchange and an outsider depends upon such portrayal, the operator is taken to have justified that such portrayal is valid. On account of such a guarantee being false, the operator is at risk in harms for break of guarantee. Anyway a chief is at risk for the convoluted demonstrations of his/her specialist where these have been submitted inside the extent of the real or clear authority under the organization. A chief won't be at risk for n agentaâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s misrepresentation where the operator was not approved to do the demonstration or where the demonstration was not inside the class of acts that a specialist was generally approved to do. So as to get away from obligation the chief must show that he/she didn't do anything to speak to that the operator had position to do the demonstration. The general situation concerning risk to the chief is that a specialist is a mediator who is utilized to arrange a transaction(s) in the interest of a head with another gathering so as to influence a contact between them. By and large the operator acquires no risk against the head as to the agreement. Where a specialist, in any case, resists the directions of the head, such an operator will be at risk for any misfortunes endured by the head because of break of the organization understanding. There are a couple of essential factors where the specialist must obey to forestall acting outside of the organization understanding. These elements are; to adhere to the principalaâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s directions, to act in accordance with some basic honesty, to make complete honesty of any close to home enthusiasm, to not make a mystery benefit and to practice sensible ability and care. On the off chance that any of these obligations of a specialist is broken, the operator will probably get subject for harms caused. When adhering to the principals directions, each specialist must act face to face and separated from the express or suggested authority of the head, an operator has no power to designate his/her obligations as an operator to another. This is to guarantee that the chief may depend upon the agentaâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s aptitude or information to be utilized for his/her sake. An operator should likewise act in accordance with some basic honesty, which implies the specialist has an obligation to make a complete honesty of any close to home intrigue and not make a mystery benefit in any organization bargains. The specialist and chief offer a trustee relationship and there are commitments of trust and certainty which forces on an individual in conditions where that individual, the guardian, will undoubtedly represent the advantage of another, the head. The specialist is under an obligation in all cases to act in light of a legitimate concern for the head and should not permit his/her own advantages to struggle with those of the head. A specialist must make total honesty all the material conditions of what he/she knows about, which may impact the primary when entering in to any material exchange. An operator who is utilized for compensation is ventured to have and will undoubtedly exercise such aptitude, care and ingenuity in the presentation of the endeavor for the benefit of the head. Where an individual requests that a protection operator get protection and the specialist consents to do as such, the operator accept an obligation to practice the sensible level of care and expertise relating to the protection business. On the off chance that the specialist neglects to practice the imperative consideration and ability in doing the conditions of the agreement of office, at that point the operator will be obligated to the head for the misfortune continued by the last because of the agentaâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s penetrate of obligation. Stage 3 aâ‚ ¬ Apply the law In the Tim Jones versus ABC Foods Pty Ltd case, the data gave builds up an organization relationship exists between Tim Jones as specialist for Henry Phillips, a provider of chocolate items. This sets up that Tim has been approved by Henry (the guideline) to do the selling of products, on his benefit. Tim got an augmentation of the authoritative forces of Henry (the head), in his ability as specialist. Apparently Tim Jones was working legally to realize an authoritative connection between the head (Henry) and an outsider (ABC Foods Pty Ltd). There has not been sufficient data given to set up the specific subtleties of the formation of the office relationship, however plainly tim was working under power of an express or suggested understanding. An express understanding is an agreement, oral or composed which contains the expectations of the included gatherings in words. Suggested genuine authority for the most part allows an operator to do all things needed for, and commonly coincidental to, completing his/her express position. On the off chance that a specialist is acting outside of their evident position the operator might be held obligated. The evident or apparent authority is the authority of the operator as it appears to an outsider. Tim was working inside the nature and the extent of his genuine and clear power. Henry permitted Tim to be the specialist for the selling of chocolate items. Tim has exhibited that he has acted inside his clear powers of his organization understanding. Tim unveiled the nearness of a mysterious head (Henry) consequently the agreement is regarded to be that of the head, and the specialist isn't obligated on the agreement. Nonetheless if Tim is demonstrated to work in a way outside of the

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New Student Photo Series 2010 Entry #11 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

New Student Photo Series 2010 â€" Entry #11 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog I continue to be amazed by the photos submitted by incoming students.   They are fabulous and I would love to continue to post pictures all the way up to Orientation.   So dig through your archives you incoming students and send us your pictures as described here. __________________________ The first photos were submitted by Jennifer Wilmore, an incoming MIA student. __________________________ Mursi Boy This photo was taken in 2009 near a Mursi village in the Omo valley of southwestern Ethiopia.   Just as I was leaving, the boy in the foreground asked me to take his picture.   I think it turned out to be an interesting shot because beyond the boys face in the mirror you can also see the reflection of a woman whose lower lip is cut in order to wear the pottery lip-plate characteristic of Mursi women. Boys in Window This photo was taken in 2008 during play time at a primary school in the Pallisa district of northeastern Uganda. Me in Kichwamba My friend took this photo of me in 2009 during a visit to a primary school in the village of Kichwamba in the mountains of western Uganda. ___________________________ The second set of pictures was submitted by Fabian Suwanprateep, see below for details on degree program. ___________________________ Attached three pictures which I have taken during my internship with the UN World Food Programme in 2007/2008 in Madagascar.   I am German-Thai dual degree student from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and I am will do my MIA at SIPA. Little boy: in Madagascars capital Antananarivo, malnourished children receive food aid in a supplementary feeding center. Group of villagers: In Manakara, a group of people who participate in the Food for Work project are gathering at a food distribution side to receive their rations. Old Couple: I took this picture in Tangainony, at the South East coast of Madagascar. The people in this remote town are facing tuberculosis and leprosy. Supplementary to government sponsored medical treatment, WFP is providing them with food aid.

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The Future of Physician Assistant Education Stop Stealing Dreams

Have you heard of Seth Godin's free education manifesto Stop Stealing Dreams? In this manifesto, he discusses the history of education in America. How it was tailored to create "cogs in an industrial machine" rather than the much-needed linchpin's necessary to drive future innovations. "School has become an industrialized system, working on a huge scale, that has significant byproducts, including the destruction of many of the attitudes and emotions wed like to build our culture around." "In order to efficiently jam as much testable data into a generation of kids, we push to make those children compliant, competitive zombies." At times I fear the education of doctors and PAs has headed in a similar direction. While attending conferences or reading through required CME I fear we have become cogs in a pharmaceutical machine. One trick ponies taught to think pill first, everything else a distant second. If we want to create great PAs of the future it starts with giving our current generation of students the tools they need to overcome the cognitive dissonance that resonates in today's medical field. The one that sees an obese, diabetic patient with hypertension as the perfect candidate for Metformin and a new script for Lipitor. Rather than a perfect case for the intense lifestyle interventions and hard work necessary to actually improve long term health. I am afraid many in today's generation have allowed themselves to be limited by fear. Industrial, scaled-up, measurable structure means that fear must be used to keep the masses in line. Theres no other way to get hundreds or thousands of kids to comply, to process that many bodies, en masse, without simultaneous coordination. A Physician Assistant Education of the Future: Now students have access to more than just the medical textbooks and the best advertising big pharmahas to offer. We can break the cycle of prescriptions and compliance. With this comes empowerment and better health care for our patients. Also, a greater responsibility. To be advocates for our patients, pioneers of new innovations that offer integrated approaches to health care solutions. Not passive observers to a health care industry plagued by misinformation, a pharmaceutical focused approach to patient health at a cost to our patients that is truly non-sustainable. You may also like -Cookie Cutter Medicine The Future of PAs and The Future of Medicine One of the most popular books ever written on building a business is called the E-Myth Revisited, and here's what the author, Michael E. Gerber says about the perfect business model: The model will be operated by people with the []What it Means to be a Physician Assistant: My Journey to PA-CFor lot's of people,medicine is a calling. Is it your calling? When I was in college all I could think about was providing healthcare to those in need. I am not sure where this desire came from, but it was somethingI aspired to from []Why Do You Want to be a Physician Assistant?Have you spenthours thinking about your answers to why you want to be a PA? Do you have the perfect pre-formulated answer just waiting to deliver; hook, line and sinker? Or, maybe you are approaching this question as I did: You []